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    September 20, 2020


    I feel that 70% of loving your job, is the people and the culture. The greatest job in the world can suck the life out of you through your...

    January 2, 2020

    A “Second a Day” Video for our First Year

    Documenting The Birth of an Agency, A Second at a Time. We started our agency a year ago December. We didn’t have an office yet. We only had a few...

    November 9, 2019

    The Perfect Drink To Go Along With the Swirling Autumn Leaves

    There’s something about the cool crisp autumn air that makes you want apples. It could also be all the apple scented things everywhere you go, the twenty thousand different...

    September 28, 2019


    This recipe is not for the faint of heart! It requires a steady hand and immense concentration. Just kidding…it’s actually just what was around my parents’ house. I’m visiting...

    September 20, 2019

    BAFter Hours

    Keep your friends close, your competition closer, and your cocktails even closer because this group really likes to drink.   Not a lot of companies would go out for...

    August 29, 2019

    Japan: Moving to my childhood future Utopia?

    My 6 biggest surprises about moving to the land of the rising sun While we nearly all grow into a different person from what we imagined we would be...