BAFter Hours

September 20, 2019
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    Keep your friends close, your competition closer, and your cocktails even closer because this group really likes to drink.   Not a lot of companies would go out for happy hour with the competition, but that’s not how we role here. In Boise, the marketing and advertising agencies are a pretty tight group even though they are all vying for the same projects. We work hard and play even harder.   The main thing that brings us together (besides the drinks) is the Boise Advertising Federation (BAF). It’s a group of agencies, businesses, advertisers, production houses, TV and radio stations, and many more that have a hand in marketing and advertising. The BAF is the oldest trade organization in Idaho and was founded in 1910, which is amazing that it has made it this long because they had to endure the hardships of prohibition. Aside from their main goal of protecting the advertising industry they also educate and provide professional development to their members through luring them to events with the promise of food and/or drink and the potential to actually get something out of said event.   One of the many events that the BAF puts on is BAFter Hours (see what they did there? Clever little marketers…) It’s a networking event, typically during happy hour, where people from all advertising walks of life can get together, meet new/old folks in the industry, make connections with companies that might come in handy, and share stories over a drink. Here, competition becomes camaraderie.   It’s always a fun time, fueled by friends and booze, it’s something that we all look forward to. We get excited for friends that have decided to start their own venture, for promotions, for relocations from one agency to another, for jobs well done. It’s nice to hang out with a group of people that shouldn’t be friends, but all support each other.   BAFter Hours is a unique event that brings together an even more unique group of people. So, for this week’s happy hour drink, drink what your cohorts are drinking. Cheers that creative director’s cocktail. Bump beer bottles with a business owner. Whip up another glass of wine with the writers. We’re all in this crazy adventure together, so might as well enjoy it over a round with rivals.  

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