How to Start Your Blog Back Up After Ignoring it for 2 Years

January 24, 2024
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    One of the best ways to make a website sticky is to add new content. Google likes an active website. Articles, or blog posts as they’re also known as, are awesome for thought leadership and just general “look at us” marketing. But like a mechanic who never has time to work on his own car, agencies don’t always have time to work on their websites.

    Oh yeah, like us.

    We’ve been around for just over 5 years now, and we’re now on our 3rd website. This last year has been our busiest year to date. We’ve barely had time to touch our social media much less anything else. So how do we get back into the habit of marketing our own marketing business? That’s a great question.

    So how do you start your own marketing again? How about just some general rambling? 

    What did we do in 2023?

    • We split the company into two entities. Our film production side is now served through Powdot Studios. 
    • We released a feature-length comedy TV in Bed.
    • We expanded services to California and North Carolina. 
    • We started 6 new partnerships. Most notably Lexmark.
    • We started production on 2 more films. 
    • We learned a bit, we grew a bit, we created a lot. It was a good year. 
    With that we once again remember that as much as we want to take care of our clients, we want to take care of ourselves. So how do we start our blog back up? One rambling at a time. 

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