Content Marketing

Using Content Marketing To Increase Visibility and Thought Leadership

In the world of Internet marketing, a picture does not say a thousand words. A thousand words say a thousand words.

What is Content Marketing?

It’s simpler than you think. Content marketing is a conversation with your target audience. It humanizes your brand, establishes you as a leading voice in your market, and gives your desired demographic the resources to find you.

Why Should I Be Using Content Marketing?

Every penny you spend on marketing should be related to results. Each campaign, and every asset you create should tie back to revenue.  Successful metrics that matter most when it comes to your marketing budget. Math is math, if you spend less and make more at the end of the day you’re a superstar. Content marketing is one of the least expensive ways to create evergreen marketing collateral that will continue to create new leads, increase market share, and allow your media assets to create revenue.

Where Would I Use My Content Marketing?

Blog Posts. If you’re not regularly posting original content on your website, you’re way behind the game. If you’re wondering what the first step is to increase your SEO, you just found it. There’s no better way to create organic search engine traffic.


Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram – the list goes on.  Follower engagement is the key to increasing your social media presence. Creating content worthy of their attention is the best way to do that.


Press Releases. We get it, you’re doing some amazing things. But who knows about it? We create eye-catching articles that are a cost-effective marketing tool to be used to create brand awareness. These aren’t ads, they are news articles and are treated as so.


YouTube/Video Platforms.  Nearly 80 percent of all internet traffic comes from video. It’s as educational as it is entertaining. There’s a growing demand for visual content, especially from your audience. We can create motion graphics, live-action, industrial videos, and more to let your demographic discover you.


Email. Are newsletters dead? They are if they aren’t handled correctly. For every $1 you spend in email marketing, you could see $40 in ROI. With a target subscriber list, personalized messaging, and fine-tuned call to action you’ll find email newsletters are one of the most effective digital marketing tools still around today. It’s the dinosaur of marketing, but life finds a way.

How Do I Start Using Content Marketing?

That’s the easiest part. To start you can let us get a head start by looking over your brand, discovering your audience and start fine-tuning a message. We’ve had a lot of success in content marketing and we’d love to share our success with you.

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