September 28, 2019
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    This recipe is not for the faint of heart! It requires a steady hand and immense concentration. Just kidding…it’s actually just what was around my parents’ house. I’m visiting my family for a bit and they just happened to have a few things perfect for a Happy Hour drink. It is Friday at 3:30 after all! And unfortunately, yes… I am working on vacation. But at least I can work when I want and drink while doing it! So that kind of makes it not so bad.   Recipe!!!   I made a pitcher of margaritas because, why not? Plus, mom was having some, so I had to make enough to share.   1 ltr. bottle of mango marg mix – yeah, yeah, I know total cop-out. But I was working with what I had, and honestly, it’s ok to be a little lazy sometimes. It’s not how you finished, it’s that you did, right?   12 oz of tequila – mom’s a bit of a lightweight so I only put in half as much. But I’m not, so I had extra on the side that I poured in my glass. Custom cocktail. Now we’re getting fancy.   Here’s the hard part. Slice a mango for garnish. I suck at cutting mangos, so mom did it for me.  Thanks, mom.   Mix all liquids in the pitcher. Add some ice to glasses. Pop in a mango slice. Pour in mango margarita. Drink. Repeat. You do have an entire pitcher after all…     It was a fun little project to do with mom. She was always a stay-at-home-mom and still is. So for her to help out on a work project was exciting for her. Not only because it involved drinks (now I know where I get it from…) but it gave her something different to do.   I showed her pictures of the other drink set ups I had done and she commented on the fancy glasses and said she had something fun we could use. After tearing through the house for about 15 minutes she came back with a couple martini glasses. I guess those’ll work.   She did actually help out. She found the glasses, got the ice, sliced up the mango and helped set up the photo shoot. “Do you need more light?” “Do you need less light?” “Want me to open the window?” “Here, let me dust that first” “Oh this place is a mess!” “It’s ok, mom. I only need this tiny spot” “Well let me move all this stuff” “You don’t have to, mom. I can literally only see this tiny little area” “Let me go get the vacuum cleaner” Ahhh… moms…   So finally once the photo shoot was done we got to enjoy the fruits of our labor. She went straight for it, I tried to cheers then realized her way was better. She’s a smart lady.   They aren’t bad. A little sweet for my taste but drinkable. The extra tequila makes it a little better. But the best part of it is the fact that I got to do this whole project with my mom. Well, actually the BEST part is that I HAVE to drink for work to be able to do this. But hey, gotta do what you gotta do.  

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