Branding and logo design


Your logo says a lot about your brand. And what your logo said 5 years ago, might not say the same thing today. Trends change on a dime, and outdated art can reflect negatively on your business, product, or even you. It’s always good to stay ahead of the game in design.

How do you know when it’s time to update your logo? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Does your logo adapt well to modern media?

It’s not the world of websites and print any longer. We now live in a world of social media. Your logo may have looked amazing in a Yellow Pages ad 10 years ago, but how does it translate to Instagram or other social media?

Does your logo represent your current business?

Think about how your business has adapted over the years, has your logo followed? Take a long distance look at your logo and think about what it represents to the first time viewer. What’s the message? Is it the one you want?

Who designed your first logo?

We all have that cousin or friend who’s a “designer”. What was their background? What else have they designed? Did they have the knowledge to rethink and define? You can’t put a price on the combination of art and knowledge. I mean, you can put a price on it. Everyone is on somewhat of a budget. But a good logo is worth its internet weight in gold.

What is my competition doing?

Don’t be last to the game. See what your competitors are doing. Are they adapting? Are they doing it faster than you? Set trends, don’t follow.

Is my logo is too complex?

On the other side of the spectrum, is your logo just too much? Did you overthink the design and now the message is lost? It’s easy to get married to an idea and to keep adding to it. Then just tweak it to a garbled message. Maybe it’s time to simplify.

Let us look over your business and give it some love. There’s no room in your company for a bad logo. We have great ideas and we want to share them. Let’s talk.

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