Making it IMP-possible

Silverdraft delivers unique supercomputing architecture to address the computational needs of high-end rendering, VR, visual effects, virtual production, and design visualization.

What do supercomputers and laptops have in common? Not a whole lot, not until the Silverdraft IMP laptop came along! Silverdraft is a leading manufacturer in visualization made possible by its architecture and proprietary cooling technology. They have been a driving force for hardware innovation in virtual reality and VFX because of their boutique service and super-powered performance.


2020 marked the year that they developed a laptop that acts as a mobile version of their tech- making high end compute power accessible while on the go. In a world where the stigma is artists holed up in a server room, waiting for their projects to render, we developed a campaign that flips this archaic notion upside-down. The concept we came up with is a play on words; what was once impossible is now IMPpossible. We took the power of their product and made a powerful statement to its users. 


This campaign focused on the power of mobility and the power of their product made mobile. We aimed to reach users who did not want to be tied to their desk or who were forced to work from home due to Covid-19. The future of the industry they are working within is virtual collaboration and we created a voice that paved the way for this process using their products.

The Case Study

Silverdraft Supercomputing, a cutting-edge technology company specializing in high-performance computing solutions, burst into the market like a cannon with groundbreaking innovations. However, their rapid ascent left them with little time to address the crucial aspect of marketing and brand management.

Enter Senestre, a versatile marketing agency known for its ability to adapt to diverse needs and wear multiple hats. Recognizing the urgency and scale of Silverdraft’s requirements, Senestre embarked on a journey to seamlessly integrate into the Silverdraft team and address their comprehensive marketing needs.


Time Crunch:

Silverdraft’s meteoric rise meant that the team was constantly on the move, with little time to spare. They needed a partner who could keep up with the fast pace and deliver results on short notice.

Diverse Marketing Needs:

From branding and packaging to social media, copywriting, video production, and photography, Silverdraft required a wide range of marketing services. The challenge was to provide cohesive and effective solutions across these diverse areas.

Product Understanding:

Silverdraft’s products were at the forefront of technology, demanding a deep understanding to effectively communicate their features and benefits. Senestre had to become an integral part of the Silverdraft team to grasp the nuances of their supercomputing solutions.


Integration and Collaboration:
Senestre adopted an agile approach, seamlessly integrating into the Silverdraft team. Regular meetings and close collaboration ensured a deep understanding of the company’s goals and values.

Versatility in Service:

Senestre showcased its ability to wear multiple hats, offering services ranging from branding and packaging design to social media management, copywriting, and multimedia production. This versatility allowed Silverdraft to focus on its core competencies while Senestre managed its entire marketing spectrum.

Swift Turnaround:

Understanding the time constraints, Senestre established streamlined workflows to ensure swift turnaround on all projects. Whether it was crafting a social media campaign or producing high-quality videos, the team at Senestre moved at a moment’s notice.

In-depth Product Knowledge:

Senestre invested time to thoroughly understand Silverdraft’s supercomputing solutions. This enabled them to create compelling and accurate content that resonated with the target audience, showcasing the technological prowess of Silverdraft’s products.


Consistent Branding:

Senestre’s cohesive approach ensured that Silverdraft’s branding remained consistent across all channels. This consistency helped build a strong and recognizable brand identity.

Effective Communication:

By immersing themselves in the technology and messaging, Senestre successfully communicated the intricacies of Silverdraft’s products to the target audience, resulting in increased market understanding.

Timely Campaigns:

The ability to move quickly allowed Senestre to execute timely marketing campaigns, keeping Silverdraft in the spotlight and maintaining momentum in the fast-paced tech industry.

Positive ROI:

Despite the challenges of a high-speed environment, the partnership between Senestre and Silverdraft yielded positive returns on investment, with increased brand visibility and a growing customer base.


Senestre’s dynamic and adaptive approach proved instrumental in catapulting Silverdraft Supercomputing into the limelight. By seamlessly integrating into the team, wearing multiple hats, and understanding the intricacies of Silverdraft’s technology, Senestre became an indispensable extension of the company. This case study highlights the importance of agility, collaboration, and deep product knowledge in addressing the complex marketing needs of a rapidly growing and innovative tech company.