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In a race against time, Matterport, the trailblazer in digital twin technology, urgently sought the creative prowess of Senestre to announce their revolutionary mobile app and enhanced capability to capture digital twins of any space. While armed with groundbreaking research, Matterport faced the challenge of translating their findings into compelling messages, particularly for the hospitality services sector. The clock was ticking, and Matterport needed a partner to transform their insights into impactful digital and print campaigns.


Last-Minute Announcement:

Matterport had a time-sensitive need to announce their mobile app and expanded digital twin capabilities. They required a comprehensive and swift marketing strategy.

Hospitality Industry Nuances:

Despite having extensive research, Matterport struggled to articulate the benefits of their technology for the hospitality sector. Crafting the right messages to resonate with businesses in this industry was a key challenge.

Multi-Channel Communication:

Matterport needed a seamless blend of digital and print materials to reach a diverse audience effectively. The challenge was to ensure consistency in messaging across various channels.


Agile Campaign Development: Senestre immediately mobilized a team to devise a strategic campaign that highlighted the mobile app's features and the versatility of capturing digital twins in any space. The agile approach ensured quick turnaround without compromising creativity.

Tailored Messaging for Hospitality:

Senestre dove into understanding the nuances of the hospitality industry, identifying pain points and opportunities. The team crafted messages that emphasized how Matterport's technology could enhance guest experiences, streamline virtual tours, and optimize space planning for hotels and resorts.

Unified Digital and Print Materials:

Senestre created a unified set of marketing materials, seamlessly integrating digital assets for online promotion and eye-catching print collateral for targeted mailings and industry events. This approach ensured a consistent message delivery across all platforms.

Visual Storytelling:

Recognizing the visual nature of Matterport's technology, Senestre prioritized visual storytelling in the campaigns. High-quality graphics and compelling visuals were employed to showcase the ease and value of capturing digital twins using the mobile app.

Engaging Content:

In addition to visuals, Senestre developed engaging content that succinctly communicated the benefits of Matterport's technology. From blog posts to social media copy, the content was crafted to capture the attention of hospitality professionals and decision-makers.


Timely and Successful Launch:

The swift execution of the campaign allowed Matterport to make a timely and successful announcement of their mobile app and expanded capabilities. The news reached the target audience promptly, generating immediate interest.

Positive Reception in Hospitality Sector:

The tailored messages for the hospitality industry resonated well with businesses. Matterport's technology was now perceived as a valuable asset for hotels, resorts, and other hospitality services, leading to increased inquiries and engagements.

Consistent Branding Across Channels:

The unified digital and print approach ensured a consistent and cohesive brand presence. This contributed to increased brand recognition and trust among the audience.

Client Satisfaction:

Matterport expressed satisfaction with the results achieved by Senestre. The collaboration not only addressed their immediate needs but also established a foundation for future marketing initiatives.


The collaboration between Matterport and Senestre Creative exemplifies the power of agile and strategic marketing in translating innovative technology into impactful messages. By quickly understanding Matterport's goals, the hospitality industry dynamics, and leveraging a unified approach across digital and print channels, Senestre played a pivotal role in helping Matterport successfully announce their mobile app and digital twin capabilities. This case study underscores the importance of creative adaptation and expertise in transforming research into compelling market messages.