Lexmark Ventures

So many projects, so little time

Let's get cooking, with Industry leading thick-film heating elements. Robust and efficient ceramic substrates with mind blowing thermal-shock tolerance

Lexmark Ventures LLC is chartered with leveraging Lexmark technologies, competencies, and relationships to establish non-traditional Lexmark growth, revenues, and contribution.

Lexmark Ventures, a forward-thinking division of Lexmark, approached us with a unique challenge - the launch of three groundbreaking brands into the market. Each product, Solexio, Optra Edge, and Tempr, represented cutting-edge innovations in their respective fields. Solexio brought the power of advanced heating technology to hair straighteners, Optra Edge introduced an integrated hardware and software platform for edge AI applications, and Tempr boasted industry-leading thick-film heating elements.

The catch? Despite their revolutionary features, these products were entirely new to the market and lacked any existing market share. Lexmark Ventures, with its rich history of creating cloud-enabled imaging and IoT technologies, sought our expertise to establish these brands as leaders in their industries.


Unknown Market Presence:

Solexio, Optra Edge, and Tempr were entering markets where they had no established presence. Building awareness and credibility would be a significant challenge.

Diverse Industries:

Each product catered to a different industry - beauty, artificial intelligence, and industrial applications. Crafting unique marketing strategies for each, while ensuring consistency under the Lexmark umbrella, posed a strategic challenge.

Leveraging Lexmark's Reputation:

While the new brands were independent entities, they needed to leverage the credibility and trust associated with the Lexmark name.


Comprehensive Branding:

We conducted in-depth market research to understand the nuances of the beauty, AI, and industrial sectors. Tailored branding strategies were crafted for each product, ensuring a cohesive yet distinct identity for Solexio, Optra Edge, and Tempr.

Strategic Positioning:

Leveraging Lexmark's reputation as a global leader, We positioned Solexio, Optra Edge, and Tempr as extensions of the company's commitment to innovation and excellence. This allowed the new brands to benefit from Lexmark's established credibility.

Multifaceted Marketing Campaigns: Customized marketing campaigns were designed for each product. For Solexio, emphasis was placed on the advanced heating technology; Optra Edge highlighted the revolutionary AI capabilities, and Tempr showcased its robust heating elements. The campaigns spanned digital platforms, print media, and targeted industry events.

Industry Collaborations:

We facilitated collaborations and partnerships with key players in the beauty, AI, and industrial sectors. These alliances helped establish credibility and open new channels for distribution and promotion.

Educational Content:

Recognizing the novelty of the products, We created informative and engaging content to educate potential consumers and businesses about the benefits and applications of Solexio, Optra Edge, and Tempr.


Market Penetration: Despite being newcomers, Solexio, Optra Edge, and Tempr successfully penetrated their respective markets. The strategic branding and marketing efforts resulted in increased awareness and acceptance.

Positive Reception:

Each product received positive reviews and feedback from industry experts and consumers alike. The campaigns effectively communicated the unique selling points of Solexio, Optra Edge, and Tempr, leading to a favorable reception.

Brand Recognition:

Leveraging the Lexmark name proved to be a successful strategy, as the new brands gained recognition and trust from consumers who were familiar with Lexmark's history of technological leadership.

Market Share Growth:

The launch campaigns contributed to market share growth for Solexio, Optra Edge, and Tempr. The brands not only established themselves as viable contenders but also disrupted their respective industries with innovative solutions.


The collaboration between Lexmark Ventures and Senestre exemplifies the power of strategic branding and marketing in launching new and innovative products into uncharted territories. By leveraging Lexmark's reputation, understanding diverse industries, and crafting targeted campaigns, Solexio, Optra Edge, and Tempr successfully entered the market and positioned themselves as leaders in their respective domains. This case study underscores the importance of a thoughtful and adaptable approach when introducing groundbreaking products to the world.