Kymeta Corp

marketing in space

A complete connectivity solution. Kymeta offers the first electronically scanning, flat-panel satellite terminal for fixed and mobile platforms. Combined with our global, high-bandwidth services and world-class support, Kymeta is changing the way the world connects.


Kymeta Corporation, a leading force in mobile satellite communications, faced a unique predicament with a team heavily skewed towards engineering (99 parts engineers to 1 part marketing). With an expanding portfolio and a short timeline, Kymeta needed comprehensive marketing support, spanning from design to strategy, to meet their evolving demands promptly.


Our team swiftly integrated into Kymeta’s operations, seamlessly becoming an extension of their in-house team. Recognizing the urgency of their requirements, we embarked on an agile and collaborative journey, addressing diverse needs from product sheet creation to a website overhaul. Operating at Kymeta’s speed, we delivered marketing collateral, videos, and motion graphics, often with same-day turnaround to meet their immediate demands. As their trusted marketing partner, we extended our support beyond conventional roles, also assisting with IT needs, handling email, and streamlining CRM processes.


The partnership flourished as Kymeta experienced remarkable growth. Through our collaborative efforts, their marketing presence evolved to mirror the sophistication of their cutting-edge technology. We crafted engaging case studies, revitalized their digital presence with an updated website, and provided a continuous stream of high-quality marketing assets. By seamlessly blending into their operations, we not only fulfilled their marketing needs but also alleviated the burden on their internal resources, enabling them to focus on their core competencies.

Key Takeaways:

Agile Collaboration: Our ability to swiftly integrate and operate at Kymeta’s pace ensured timely delivery of a diverse range of marketing assets.
Comprehensive Support: From marketing collateral to IT assistance, we offered an all-encompassing solution that grew in tandem with Kymeta’s expanding demands.

Brand Alignment:

Understanding Kymeta’s brand as intimately as they did allowed us to create cohesive and impactful marketing materials that reflected the sophistication of their technology.

Through this dynamic partnership, we not only met Kymeta’s immediate marketing needs but also played a pivotal role in empowering their continued success in the competitive landscape of mobile satellite communications.