Evolve electric bikes

Marketing is like riding an e-bike

Boise is one heck of a bike town. As the popularity of e-bikes has grown, so has the amount of them we see on the Greenbelt. In 2020 we were approached by EVolve to help them launch a bike rental company from scratch. A project like this isn’t just about a website and some flyers. This is about being #1. 

EVolve opened its doors shortly after. They weren’t the first in town, but they were the best. Great selection, great service. We just had to find them some great customers. After creating their digital assets, we need to help them connect with Boise. We did this through SEO. Our goal was to make EVolve the #1 result of e-bike rentals. With a bit of backend website mastery, and some carefully designed copywriting we managed to do just that. 

Sure, we’re proud of the videos, website, print assets, and more. But we couldn’t be prouder of how a simple search helps you find it.