Central District Health

Working with Central District Health has been a rewarding experience. Their mission is to provide healthcare services to keep communities safe and thriving. Our first project was an awareness campaign to promote the vast amount of services they offer. Government agencies are often pigeon-holed to their most prolific service so we sought to educate people on how they could take care of all of their health needs in one location.


This began with a series of short staff interviews explaining who they were, what they offered and some of the most surprising things about Central District Health. We implemented the tagline “Our specialty is everyone, our specialty is you.” to drive home the breadth of services they offer. These videos were successfully utilized in social ad campaigns as a part of increasing awareness.


We also developed a series of social media posts that expanded on their key services and how to get access to them. While much of their focus was on navigating Covid-19, we continued to support the other services they offered and remind people that their health is more important now than ever.