Boise Brewing

Good beer, good people

Who doesn’t like a good beer? No, a world-class beer! What if you could own the brewery that made that world-class beer? This notion alone is enough to excite anyone who loves craft suds and Boise Brewing can offer it all. This “Community Owned Brewery” opened its doors for another round of investments meaning that local beer lovers could own a part of the brewery. It was our job to shout the message from the mountaintop, calling all people to share in this frothy endeavor.

Owning a business is an incredibly involved process and investing in one poses many risks. Our primary goal for the ownership campaign was to prove that anyone can own a brewery. Too often people shy away from experiences because they don’t fit within a certain self-imposed construct, “I am not a beer geek so I can’t own a brewery.” WRONG. Do you like being a part of a tight-knit community? Do you enjoy a cold one after a long day? Do you like to support local businesses and build up those around you? Well, then you do belong at Boise Brewing and we’re going to make you feel welcome.

Diversity is great for all things, even beer. We explained the value of their AleBlazer club, through humor with the Big Four Can Beers video

We were able to tear down these walls with videos of actual owners and a social campaign to coincide. This campaign humanized the process allowing people to see that their neighbors, friends, and coworkers were all living out their dream of owning a brewery.

We continued to piggyback on the ownership campaign with a push for Boise’s best light beer, Boise Light. Craft beer doesn’t have to be big, bold, and hoppy which is why Boise Brewing created a beer for the everyday imbiber, the casual crusher, the exercise enthusiast, and the Saturday sipper. In a world of unfettered justification, we wanted people to know that it’s okay to reward themselves for just being… themselves.

We started the reward process with the aptly named “beer boards” that were placed around town with a QR code and the question, “thirsty?”. The reward came from simply scanning the code and voila, they were gifted with a free beer coupon. Once Boise Light hit the shelves in cans, we pushed social posts with the hashtag #earnyourstripesboise to engage customers outside of the brewery. One jolly customer had an especially tough year with everyone ordering their Christmas gifts online. Old Saint Nick certainly earned his stripes and skipped the milk and cookies in 2020 for a refreshing Boise Light. During a year where rewards seemed to be few and far between, we wanted people to know that it is okay to pat themselves on the back for even the smallest of achievements.

While we’re on the topic of small achievements, we created a mini-campaign to boost their monthly membership giving people a 4-pack of beers to-go each month. Size matters when it comes to getting a great deal on beer and during a time when everyone is isolating, the more the merrier!

It may be hard to remember life before a global pandemic but there was a time when we could gather together to celebrate the joys of beer! Boise Brewing hosts the largest Fresh Hop Beer Fest in Idaho and 2019’s theme was all about that 90’s Fresh Prince flair. We created a video that promoted the funky fresh fun people would have at Hoptober Freshtival which ended up attracting the largest crowd to date. Stay fresh!