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Stop spending your marketing budget on 11×17 posters scattered around town.

We work with several theatrical companies around Idaho. We generally do our best to manage marketing around their budget. Each dollar we spend needs to have the best ROI. We quickly learned scattering posters around town is screaming at deaf ears.

A recent event we marketed was set for 100 posters to be spread across various locations in the Boise Area. Design and production of the posters were $250. A local poster distribution company was going to charge us $100 plus $3.00 per poster placed. Each was to be mounted in windows were several other posters were living, to be lost in the clutter. We were ab out to spend $650 for a campaign that wouldn’t have produced analytics of its success.

We opted to do a digital spend. Using a smaller budget and targeting a desired group on Facebook alone. In less than 7 days we had received over 400 clicks to the ticketing page. This is 300 clicks more than we received using QR codes on 11×17 posters. 4 times the results printed and places ads.

The math is simple. Spending a smaller amount on a digital spend will get you amplified results in a quicker time. These results can be even higher by including mediums such as Instagram or Adwords.

Even better, less waste so much better for the environment.

If you’re looking to promote your next event, let us help you migrate from a dying form of marketing, and get the largest audience for your buck.

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