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Making it IMPpossible – Silverdraft

What do supercomputers and laptops have in common? Not a whole lot, not until the Silverdraft IMP laptop came along! Silverdraft is a leading manufacturer in visualization made possible by their architecture and proprietary cooling technology. They have been a driving force for hardware innovation in virtual reality and VFX because of their boutique service and super-powered performance.


2020 marked the year that they developed a laptop that acts as a mobile version of their tech- making high end compute power accessible while on the go. In a world where the stigma is artists holed up in a server room, waiting for their projects to render, we developed a campaign that flips this archaic notion upside-down. The concept we came up with is a play on words; what was once impossible is now IMPpossible. We took the power of their product and made a powerful statement to its users. 


This campaign focused on the power of mobility and the power of their product made mobile. We aimed to reach users who did not want to be tied to their desk or who were forced to work from home due to Covid-19. The future of the industry they are working within is virtual collaboration and we created a voice that paved the way for this process using their products.

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