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Kymeta Corporation

Satellite of Love – Kymeta


Kymeta Corporation is a leader in Mobile Satellite Communication. They came to us in early 2020 with a handful of overnight needs and those needs never stopped. Since Kymeta works side by side with many government agencies, we were immediately asked to sign an NDA concerning many of the items we were creating. But that’s not going to stop us from sharing our work with them. Such as the █████████ ███████ ████████ and ██████ ███████████████ ████████████████ ███ ████████████████. 


This portfolio isn’t so much about the work, but the relationship we developed. It didn’t take long for Kymeta to utilize all our offerings. Graphic design, video production, copywriting, document translation, web development, SEO, lead generation, and analytics- each of these at a neck-breaking pace. Kymeta looks at us as a member of their team and we aim to collaborate with all of our clients like we’re just a Zoom call away. Kymeta is a great example of how Senestre can become one with a client. We’re team-members with our clients, without having to sit through the boring safety meetings. 

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