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Two on the Road- High Desert Moto Plex

Not all of us at Senestre are Born to Ride, but many of us were Born to Write. This fostered a great relationship between us and High Desert Moto Plex. High Desert is one of the largest Harley-Davidson dealerships in the North West and a leading-voice in the field. We took their knowledge and put it online for everyone to find.


Content Marketing is one of the best ROI’s in the game. It humanizes your brand, establishes you as a leading voice in your market and gives your desired demographic the resources to find you. Connecting with motorcycle-enthusiasts is not only easy, it’s fun! We write highly shareable content including news, bike and gear break-downs, expert advice, how-to guides, history, and top-ten lists which has propelled High Desert to become one of the leading sources for motorcycle news.


The other side of the content coin is connecting to those who didn’t know they could own a motorcycle- dispelling any misconceptions around the difficulty of owning a motorcycle. High Desert offers an amazing Learn to Ride Program whose website we built can be found here. Riders aren’t the people you see in the movies, they are the diverse group of people you see every day. That’s part of the messaging we’re creating, and it works.


We have also enhanced their messaging through their social channels. High Desert Moto Plex is a Harley-Davidson, Triumph, and Indian Motorcycle dealer. Each brand has its own audience and voice and each channel must be a reflection of their specific brand. Daily posts for each, connecting with their respective audience, has enhanced our ability to reach an emerging demographic.


As we continue to represent their brand, we are working to humanize the dealership. New media projects such as dealership videos and product reviews are getting staff engaged with their customers and vice versa.


They don’t only sell motorcycles, but an extensive line of motorcycle gear. Helping them with product photography not only lets others see what’s available, but allows us to try on some pretty fun stuff too.

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