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Film Production

The Boise Filmmaking community is budding, we’re budding along right with it. We handle all aspects of filmmaking from preproduction to post. When we’re not helping out others, we’re writing and producing our own.

Recent Projects.


is the story of a man, Ricardo McCafferty, who is shot in the head by a female passenger in his car. He wakes up 4 months later with no memory, and is told that he is a suspect in a serial killer case. The girl who shoots him, and his awkward brother, join in his quest to discover if this just might be true.

Starring Joshua Malloy, Chance Fuerstinger, Chelsea Klikunas, Joe Estevez, Jan Broberg, Larry Thomas, David H Stevens and Janet Lo.

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TV in Bed the Movie


tells the tale of Ty and Nora who crawl into to bed to fall asleep watching Television. As the terrible show they are watching progresses, so does their conversations about their relationship and the direction they are both going.

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